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Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard Try-Outs 2008

Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard Tryouts
For those of you who have children who are interested in participating in the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard program this summer 2008, the swim test begins next month in February, 2008. That's right, it starts in February 3, 2008. I have provided the dates below for the swim test in Newport Beach.

The Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard swim test will be held at the Newport Harbor High School pool which is located in Newport Beach. Proof of age for your child must be provided at the time of the swim test; your child must be 9 years old by June 23, 2008, and you must provide valid identification of your child's age. Bring either a birth certificate or passport. The Newport Beach lifeguards run the swim test and the junior lifeguard program.

The schedule for the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard swim test is as follows:

February 3rd
February 10th
February 17th
February 24th
7:00pm- 8:30pm

February 7th
February 21st
The time requirements are as follows:

For the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguards, each group is categorized - A, B, C, D by their age. The swim consists of two complete laps (four lengths in a pool) and they must be completed in the following times. The following are the required swim times for each age group:

"A" (14-15 year old): 1:35 (one minute, 35 seconds)
"B" (12-13 year old): 1:40 (one minute, 40 seconds)
"C" (10-11 year old): 1:45 (one minute, 45 seconds)
"D" (9-10 year old): 1:55 (one minute, 55 seconds)
(This information has been taken from the Newport Beach Lifeguard Website)

There are swimming conditioning programs to help improve the swim times. There are programs at Newport Harbor High School, Newport Shores, and the Balboa Bay Club. For more information, please feel free to contact me directly as I am aware of a number of resources. This is a great opportunity for children to learn ocean and beach safety during an 8 week program during the summer. For more information on the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard program, please visit my website at and click on the lifeguard link.
Some tips to help your child pass the swim test for the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard program:
  1. Practice (and not just the week before) the children need some conditioning time. At least a month if they are not competitive swimmers or water polo players.
  2. Have your child eat properly prior to and up to the test so that they have the adequate nutrition for the most amount of energy.
  3. Provide a swim cap for both boys and girls. Hair actually does create drag.
  4. Keep your child warm while standing in line - Ugg boots, towels, and swim caps to help them to stay warm. Your child should not start their swim test if they are shivering - they will not swim their best.

For any other information regarding this or other Junior Lifeguard programs including Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, please visit my website at

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