Monday, January 7, 2008

Home Security Checklist

The following is a Home Security Checklist. Please utilize it for your possessions to ensure that you are prepared in the event of burglary.

1. Have you reviewed your home owner’s insurance policy? What does it cover?

2. If you are a renter, do you have renter’s insurance to cover your contents?

3. Do you have a security system? Do you utilize it?

4. Do you have a neighborhood watch program, if not, then, you may want to establish one with your local law enforcement, and your neighbors.

5. Do you have motion-detector lights on your property?

6. Do you keep your garage locked? Does your garage have a keypad for egress? If so, how often do you change the code on the key pad?

7. Do you leave your keys in your car if your car is in the garage?

8. Do you have a garage remote in your car? Do you bring it in at night if your car is parked outside in a driveway or on the street?

9. Do you leave valuables in your car when it is parked anywhere? Even a cell phone in plain site may incite someone to break into your vehicle. A perpetrator can also obtain your address by your vehicle registration information.

10. Have the locks been changed since you moved in? How many people have a key to your home?

11. Do you have deadbolt locks on all doors? Are the windows locked at all times?

12. Have you kept your keys guarded against unauthorized duplication?

13. Do you ask who is knocking on your door prior to you opening it?

14. Are there automatic timers controlling your lights when you are out or away?

15. Do you have a complete inventory of your possessions? How is that stored? Do you have a video inventory of your valuables? Are your possessions insured?

16. Are your extremely valuable items secured away from home – for example in a safe deposit box?

17. Have you recorded all the serial numbers or identifying marks for all your valuable items? (for example – audiovisual equipment, computers, cameras, iPods, and cell phones are examples).

18. If you are going away for an extended period or on a vacation, are your neighbors informed? Have you arranged to have someone car for your home, pets, and yard? Don’t forget to turn off the newspaper, and bottled water delivery.

19. In the event that there is an unauthorized break in, then report it to your local law enforcement agency. Typically, they will increased the patrolling in your neighborhood if this occurs.

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