Thursday, December 6, 2007

Waves in Southern California

This post is for those who want to go and see the huge waves at the beach. The waves in Huntington Beach are pretty big. The surfers and body boarders usually love it, however I have seen on the news that it is too large for even some of them. It is always great site to see the waves, however the ocean can be unpredictable. So therefore, I have some tips to ensure Ocean Safety.

The first and most basic one - stay back. View from a far and bring your camera with a zoom lens for the best photos.

Second - don't ever turn your back on the ocean. Even for a picture. A wave can come and wash you out before your have a chance.

Third - keep in mind that while there is some lifeguard activity - it is not patrolled like it is during the summer. There are typically the permanent lifeguards who drive in their SUV's on the beach, however, even their resources are limited.

But if you get the chance, it is a great site to see . . . just stay back!!!

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