Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guidelines for Home Improvement

Guidelines for Home Improvements

A common question that homeowners may inquire about which home improvements are needed may help the salability of their home.

Any improvements that increase the home’s attractiveness and overall size to the general buying public will increase its value. The following is a list which includes some guidelines to consider when preparing your home to sell:

· Neutral color, and fresh paint on the inside and out
· Have trim painted for a fresh look
· Make sure that carpet is cleaned
· Use neutral color carpet or flooring if replacing
· Consider light window treatments
· Use mirrored wardrobe doors on closets to enhance space
· Organize cupboards and closets, and maintain the organization
· Place healthy house plants in strategic locations to create a warm feel
· Add colorful plants to exterior of home, and spruce up exterior landscaping
· Trim trees if needed (check with Arborist to be sure it is the correct time of year to trim trees or bushes)
· Keep windows clean inside and out
· Replace screens if needed – and be sure to keep screens clean as well for optimum view
· Keep all mirrors clean throughout home
· Add decorator mirrors in strategic locations to enhance openness of home
· Keep fireplace clean if wood burning, and add unburned wood
· De-clutter every room to ensure home looks more spacious
· Put away personal photos so prospects don’t get distracted
· Keep your home neat and orderly at all times

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