Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reasons to Consider Listing Your Home During the Holidays

Reasons for You to Consider Listing during December

· Consider how your home is decorated over the holidays – typically it will not look any better. The home is often more inviting – almost as if it has been staged. Potential buyers will take notice, and the holidays are always a consideration when a buyer is purchasing a home.

· There are typically fewer buyers during the holiday season, however the buyers that are out there are the serious ones. They may be relocation buyers, buyers from out of the area and are the serious buyers.

· If you as seller wait until after the holiday season to sell, the amount of listings will increase, and therefore create more competition.

· During the holiday season, many agents either hold their listings, have do not show instructions, or take their listings off the market. How this translates to you as a seller is that there is much less inventory to compete with during the holiday season.

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